Ha-Ce-Ta Head Lighthouse (ha-see-ta)

“Yes, the state of Oregon has many unusual names… many of which are unpronounceable for those not from our beautiful state.

Haceta Head Lightouse, located on the Central Oregon Coast in Yachats [yah-hots]. Yep there’s another one! A beautiful location with both a great beach, beautiful lighthouse, nice hiking trails and a little green area where the water runs into the ocean.

If you ever go to Heceta Head Lighthouse beach make sure you look to the left and explore the area under the bridge. This turned out to be one of my favorite pictures that I have ever taken at Haceta Head. I have this as a 10×8 in my home with a green mat and rustic wooden frame and it is one of my favorites.

The way this one turned out was such a pleasant surprise, it was much better than I had anticipated. To me it has the feeling of a watercolor painting. The greens, blues and yellows have such a calming effect on the viewer.

The People’s Coast. Recently the Oregon Coast Visitors Association recently started a new ad campaign calling the Oregon Coast, The People’s Coast and what a great description that is.

Here in Oregon there is no charge to use the beach and there are miles and miles of beach to enjoy and people are always welcome. I love the Oregon Coast!

So there you go the story behind another photo of my beautiful Oregon!

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