Somedays, I just don’t know about that dog!

In going through some camping photos, I came across this one from 2 summers ago. Camping down at Tugman State Park on the Oregon Coast, my friends and I took their canoe out onto Eel Lake. Apparently Bailey was a tad worried and looking for me out on the water.

So to get a better vantage point he climbed up into the chair. Buy why he chose one of the kids chair and not my blue one? Oh right it was already occupied….

Portland – Oregon that is – at night

Night photography is fun way to see city or town from a new perspective. It can be so much fun. Through photography class and club field trips I have been able to go to some really cool spots in downtown Portland.

One of the last trips I went on we had a great group of photographers all at different levels of experience and all willing to share ideas and prime spots for your tripod. 🙂

The photos in this post are from that trip.

Psalm 100 In Pictures

Fall Adventures – Loon Lake

Fall is upon us and the colors are absolutely gorgeous. I had to go out and explore! Here are a few of the treasures I came back up with.

One of my favorite places to visit

Thought I would share…

New video for AuntieMsFotos

Recently I started using a new service called Animoto and am having fun! Here is one the first results of my playing and having some fun:

The Story Behind the Photo

One my favorite places to visit during every season of the year is the Japanese Gardens here in Portland.  The garden seems to change each time I visit, details that I missed the last time. I think fall is my favorite time to visit. The turning leaves, the chill in the air and the colors that are vibrant even during a foggy morning.

My camera club took a field trip once and during that magical morning we all took some amazing photos. A light fog over hovered and a flute player up in the hills over the garden that seemed to float down. Whoever that was, thank you! That is  day of photography I will never forget.

This photo is one of my favorites  from that day….

Japanese Maple
(Click to view larger size)

The Story Behind the Photo: Hide n’ Seek

A few years back I had the great pleasure of visiting some of my friends who lived in Monterey, California. One of the great trips they took me on was down towards the Big Sur area, stopping in at Point Lobos State Reserve. This was a great trip, hiking, picnicking and for me photography 🙂

On our outing I decided to play with black and white film (yes… film!) and macro shots, I was pleasantly surprised with the results. This lil’ feller let me get fairly close….


Thanks to my patient friends who let me go off on these little sidetrips which allowed me to grab shots like this. What a great trip it turned out to be.

Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm

About 40 minutes away is a great place I like to visit each year called the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm.  This is one of my favorite pictures from these trips. The simplicity and the rich color always draw me back.


Mount Hood from Trillium Lake

For years my family would all meet up at Trillium Lake up near Mount Hood for camping, fun and of course…. all the great food. Each family would take turns preparing a breakfast or dinner and boy do we have some great campside cooks! It is a good thing we always walked around the lake, go canoeing or swimming because we all would have come home gaining 5-10lbs LOL!

The kids would have fun, the grownups could relax and the best part for me is always the late night campfire. Eating outdoors, taking a hike and campfires, that is what camping is all about!

One each trip I would spend hours walking and taking pictures of anything that looked remotely interesting. Using the time to experiment, try new settings and pushing my camera to its limits. Always a fun, relaxing time with some exciting results.

In August, Mt. Hood still has snow at the tippy top where in years past the US Ski Team has come to practice. A beautiful rugged view, Mt. Hood has many trails, historic stops and campgrounds. A must see stop for anyone visiting Oregon.