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and encouraging you to go out and have your own adventures.

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, which is great, but sometimes, it just needs to tell a few. Sometimes a picture just needs to provide inspiration or provide beauty to be enjoyed.

But what do you do with the photos after you take them?

Ah – now that is the question ain’t it! Find out ideas on:

  • Organizing your photos (ugh, yeah, one of my top priorities!!)
  • Projects and gifts with your photos
  • Create slideshows and presentations to share with others

Marta Goertzen - Oregon PhotographerBut, uhm, who is Auntie M?

That’s me! My name is Marta and I have been a hobby photographer for years.

As a child I remember my Father taking rolls and rolls of pictures and loved it when he pulled out the slide projector. One day he took me to the store to get my first camera, a little 110 film camera with one of those tall vertical flash units that were just about as big as the camera.

I was fascinated by what I was able to capture in a picture… well at least tried to capture :). As all photographers know, the journey of learning includes many, many and sometimes many pictures that do not turn out.

As an adult I caught the bug again after my lil’ sis got married, I was watching the photographer work her magic with her camera and wanted to try that with my own little pocket digital. Her images of course turned out great! A few of my candids weren’t too bad – but by then it was too late, I was hooked! Next I moved up from that pocket digital camera to a Nikon N70 film camera (loved that camera!) and now I use a Canon Digital Rebel, which has become my camera of choice. It has allowed me to experiment, play and push my skills to new levels.

The result of these experiments is the collection that I share here.

Take care and enjoy!